Monday, March 27, 2006

Books I read

Starting this blog seems like a good idea for me to keep track of the books I read and share the feelings I underwent while reading them. I mostly read fiction - mystery, thrillers, romance, medical. I have been through phases which got me stuck to one kind for a while. For example, there was the Mills & Boons phase when I was a teenager; the Robin Cook phase when I was trying to live the thrill of being in a medical profession while being stuck in an engineering course; the John-Grisham phase when I would imagine myself abandoning everything I was doing and taking up law; the Danielle Steel phase when i would curl up in bed with my shawl for a good tearful few hours; the Mary Higgins Clark phase where I wanted to read them all before Sweety did; more recently the Dan Brown phase where I was impressed with the Da Vinci Code and dug up every one of his books and read them. There have always been the Harry Potters and romantic novels to fill up the blanks. These days I have been picking up every book that looks remotely interesting from the discount store below my work place. Some of them have been interesting while some others have become home to my pet termites. Anyways watch out for the ones that I write about from now on and feel free to share with me any thoughts that you might have about them.

A special thank you to my beloved dad who used to accompany me to the Sunday book market at Abids and buy me all the books that I could read including Archies comies which I looooooove. He has always encouraged us to read a lot and would never hesitate to buy a book that I asked for. Kudos to him for the voracious readers that we have become. Love you papa!


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