Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All Around The Town - Mary Higgins Clark

I enjoyed reading this book immensely. A must read for any Mary Higgins Clark fans and for anyone who is into psychological thrillers. This one was a page turner and even though I couldn't read it at one stretch due to other obligations, I kept going back to it as and when time permitted. The phenomenon of MPD has always interested me and the more I read about, the more I feel I should have chosen the profession of being a psychologist (Those you you laughing right now may kindly stop laughing:D) . The prospect of being engaged in a science with no certainty seems very challenging especially when it deals with the human psyche. When I was very young, I started off with wanting to be a doctor like most kids but then moved on to the more glamorous professions of genetic engineer (from reading all the Robin Cooks), secretary to a lawyer (from reading all the Perry Mason's), interior designer (from reading one particular M&B), and finally psychiatrist. Sad that I never pursued either of these and ended up being a boring software engineer. Even today I feel like I am total misfit for this job and having pursued my instincts in the culinary arena, I think I might be a better chef than a software engineer. But it pays the bills and gives me a luxurious (by some standards) life. So it will have to do for now. Aaaanywaysss, coming back to the book the characters are etched out well and the pace of the book kept me hooked. The ending, albeit predictable, was intriguing and the many chills and thrills that the book takes you through are a total blessing. I was even scared to read this book while I was alone in the room at some points. Childhood abuse is a grim reality for many and developing MPD due to this is not a new concept but it never gets less interesting or less sad. I admired Sarah's character and was happy with the fact that she develops a romantic interest in Justin. Definitely a recommended read if you are in the mood for a spine chiller.


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