Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Moon - Stephenie Meyer

I watched Twilight last year and I loved it. I know some of my friends are cringing as they read this:D:D I will still hold on to my view:D. I couldn't understand what caused the teens to faint and behave abnormally but I thought it was an interesting movie. I then went and bought the second book and only got around to reading it now. The book was very intense and gripping and watching the first movie made it easy to imagine the characters. Jacob is my favorite character and he transitions very quickly from the sweet boy next door to the intense man in this story. Bella is very interesting as well and her clumsiness makes her very likable to me for obvious reasons. Edward always seems like the ethereal and unattainable love to me. The book ends on a promising note and I am excited to read the next one 'Eclipse' as well as watch the movie New Moon. I don't have any company so I will wait for the DVD to come out.


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