Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two States - Chetan Bhagat

This book was very entertaining and funny to me. Especially because I am married to a Tamilian:). The story of Krish, a punjabi boy, in love with Ananya, a tambhram. What more do you need to create a complete book! The only suggestion I have for couples who come from such distint backgrounds is, don't bother convincing your families! Just get married and let them come around to it. This philosophy of trying to have a love marriage that is arranged and accepted, sometimes cause more pain and trouble than just going for it. I would compare it to pulling out a band-aid:D:D. It was fun to read about the wild punjabis and the sober but uptight tamilians. If Krish and Ananya think their struggle has ended with the marriage, well I would say that was the easy part:D:D.
I have a wonderful marriage and very loving and caring in-laws, family and extended family. I wouldn't say that my husband and I lived perfectly with each other after marriage, even though it was a love marriage. There are always new things that you discover and learn about each other once you start living with each other. I think with our 4th wedding anniversary, we have got it together - almost:). However I must say that I have become a staunch believer in the concept of arranged marriages. Our forefathers were smart. All they did with arranged marriages was reduce the differences in culture, tradition, financial background/habits and lifestyle so that after marriage, it results in fewer differences between the husband and wife and I think this was a smart way of approaching it. I don't mean to say that arranged marriage involve no effort in adjusting but probably less because you start with a common ground.

Back to the book, it was a good and light book to read during my travel in India. I definitely liked it better than One Night at a Call Center.


At 1:44 AM , Blogger Dipole said...

Dabbu, very insightful :-) Haven't yet read the book, plan to.


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