Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Cry In The Night - Mary Higgins Clark

"I solemnly vow that I will not abandon any books in pursuit of real suspense and thrill that I get from Mary Higgins Clark Books" - Because this is what I did again. Sorry Adrian Mole, I had to abandon you for this one:) but I promise to get back to you. So I read the first page and was hooked. The only disappointment was that the bad guy was the one we suspected all along. The revelation of his twisted mind did not fail to send chills down my spine nevertheless. I did not think much of Jenny for ignoring all the warning signs so blatantly and couldn't imagine why she would put on the aqua gown. The characters are etched so well in my memory and I can almost imagine how they look when I close my eyes. I simply love love love her books and I am an ardent fan. I read that she lives in New Jersey. If I ever get a chance I'll meet her in person and tell her so myself:). Not sure what I am reading next but waiting for a friend to finish "Can you keep a secret" by Sophie Kinsella so that I can borrow it from her. :)


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