Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dancing In The Dark - Mary Jane Clark

I haven't had much time to do my reading because of my hectic work schedule lately. My favorite time of the day, my ride on the caltrain, gives me the much needed reprieve from the day-to-day hassles to read and lose myself in the book that currently interests me. Oh well! I still managed to squeeze one book and finish it in three weeks. I wish I had utilized my valuable time on a much better book but I just happened to buy this one off the rack at an airport before my flight. Reading about the problems that ail teenagers who have the chance to a wonderful life otherwise is extremely depressing. I would say, chuck cribbing about your body and go grab all the opportunities that you have at doing some amazing things with your life. Its at times like these that I feel that parents derserve to give their kid a tight slap and get them to straighten out their routine. In case you do not understand what I am talking about, this book is the story of teenagers who are anoerexic. A whole web of crime is woven into their life and it is thrown out that one of them is faking her own abduction and returns. Before I blurt out other things about the book let me talk about where it is set. The backdrop is a beach front town in New Jersey where people vacation during the summers. I would give anything right now to just take off for a month to such a place with the beach at my disposal. However I like my comforts of TV, AC, a good bed and good food when I am vacationing and I would not go for the tent living that the family in this book opts for. :D:D. I must give credit to the author(ess) for having used the setting well. I guess it would make a good summer reading for those who aren't put off by the topic. I am already on my next book, and I can surely identify myself a lot with what goes on in it!!!:D:D Any guesses what the next books is??