Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Death In Vienna - Daniel Silva

I made the mistake of reading another Daniel Silva right after the previous one. I did not enjoy this one as much. It was the same as the previous one, only less thrilling because it dragged on and on. I would rather not write anything further but I am guessing it won't be half as bad as I say if someone reads it afresh or after a long break from other Daniel Silva books.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Salaam Paris - Kavita Daswani

Salaam Paris - another book about Paris...Hmm...wonder why I am picking all these books about Paris these days...;).......Besides Paris, what drew me to this one was Amulya Malladi's recommendation and the fact that the author was Kavita Daswani. Her previous work (The Village Bride of Beverly Hills) I must say, I enjoyed immensely:) . Salaam Paris was a fun read too but I didn't quite admire how the protagonist kept reprimanding herself for the choice she made. Now chick-lit is a term I have become familiar with and no matter what anyone thinks, I love it:D:D. Its good to read a chick-lit every once in a while and keep in touch with the "chick" in me:D:D. I can't say I identify with the background Tanaya comes from because, touchwood, my parents were always very liberal and in fact no one would have been happier than my mom if I had gone into the movie or modeling industry;) And my dad has always been the one to push us to be independent and earn our own living. I must say it was a real blessing to have such parents and to grow up with two very independent, smart and confident older sisters. I didn't really have to look outside for role models when I had such strong women around me all my life. I simply abhorred the way Tariq treated her and was surprised that a woman would even be willing to speak with a man again when he has treated her so shabbily. There were instances in the book which left me fuming. Needless to say, I didn't sleep too peacefully that night. But that at least means that the book got me hooked and was a good read. I do enjoy reading about the fashion industry and about the lives of models and this book gave me some entertainment in the form of Tanaya's life as model. It was fun to read of her fake affair and before she becomes famous about her waitressing and one time random ramp stint. I finished this book in two days and have now moved on to another Daniel Silva book. That isn't going too fast as I am now caught up in some personal tasks. It might be a while before i blog again...But keep watching....:)