Thursday, August 10, 2006

Confessions Of A Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella

Hi All!! Great to be back to blogging after so long. I had to stay away because of my hectic schedule at work and then I just got plain lazy:D:D:D. I have read two other books after this one and that made me realize that I am wayyyyyyyyyy behind in my blogging world. So, here goes....

Beware! This book certainly isn't for those prim and proper people who file all their mail in neat folders, pay their bills promptly, always keep track of their finances and do all that good stuff. It will disgust you to the core to read about this unruly character who splurges on fancy things when she is neck deep in debt **if** you are one of them. It goes without saying that I enjoyed the book a lot and identified with the protagonist totally.:D:D Not that I have been in debt and gone shopping (again, that does not mean I haven't gone shopping and not cared about what costs how much) but I have certainly been tempted to just dump my mail in a cement mixer and forget about it because that is one chore that I thoroughly detest. (My hubby will certainly vouch for it and even produce pictures of piled up stacks of mail that I have been putting off looking at). Hmmm....I am trying to think of the last time I was just wandering around a store when I didn't need to buy anything but was tempted to look anyway and ended up shopping....hmmmm...oh wait! That was yesterday!!!! :D:D And how many times have we decided to curb something or control a habit and been more unsuccessful at it when we actually worked on it. I was ROFL (rolling on the floor and laughing) when I read about Rebecca spending more on the day when she is supposed to be saving and her attempt at making the India curry was just out of this world! These situations were predictable but I enjoyed reading them all the same.

Besides the weaknesses in Rebecca's character the book also shows the innovative and imaginitive side of her that comes up with bright ideas like sale on finance loans and having price tags on art in museums to make it more interesting and as silly as it might sound, I think I would enjoy looking at price tags in musuems too. :D:D:D...This books kept reminding me of Bridget Jonses's Diary throughout and I couldn't help but imagine Renee Zellweger and Collin Firth starring in a movie made out of it. Needless to say Rebecca sounds a lot like Bridget Jones and Luke Brandon was an out and out Mark Darcy. I would recommend this book to all the women who loooooove shopping and whose spouses believe that the world would be better off without SALES. :D:D:D:D