Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crisis - Robin Cook

Updating my blog today has made me so happy:). I actually referred to my own blog to check if I had read a particular book while shopping on amazon today. It made me realise how important it was to: 1. Write a small blog about every book I read even if I don't have enough time. It certainly helps in times when my memory fails me. 2. Not give away much about the book but still write a fair review. Like a few of my friends/family-members know, I plan to buy all the books I read and keep them with me. Once I retire, it will be good to read them all again and by then I assume my memory wouldn't be as good and I wouldn't even remember what the book was about.

I picked up this Robin Cook after a long break. It was rather too non-medically-technical for me this time. I enjoy all the medical details in this books and this was had more about the people involved and the lawsuit. I did find the concept of Concierge Medicine very interesting and while I can see why people resent it, I think it is great for those who can afford it. But I also see why it needs to be controlled lest it becomes difficult for a common man to get medical help.

Craig wasn't a very admirable person from the start. In spite of all the snippets regarding his expertise as a doctor, his other side made me disregard it all. Alexis and Laurie seem surreal and definitely don't react the way we would expect women to. Jack of course was a more likable character and I kind of felt he had a chemistry with the other female doc who helps him;). But then again I was letting my imagination run wild. I also found the subject of hypochondria very interesting. It was interesting to note the kind of attention such patients need. The last word on this book is that it isn't really as exciting as some of his other books like Mutation but will be an ok read if you don't have too many other options. The next one I am reading is "The Anastasia syndrome - Mary Higgins Clark" by one of my most favourite author and I already an engrossed in the book.