Monday, April 19, 2010

Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer

This is the best in the series by far and I am authorized to say that now that I am half way through Breaking Dawn. My heart bled for Jacob through this book and I would have loved for Bella to go with him. Sighhhh! The conversations between Jacob and Edwards while they await the newborn vampires is very interesting and I am desperately looking forward to the movie now:D If possible, please please stop at Eclipse and do not venture to read Breaking Dawn.

The Zoya Factor - Anuja Chauhan

This was a recommended fun read by my sister and she even told me of her meeting with the author. Although I am not into cricket, this book was such a fun read and my sister and I kept trying to imagine who would fit the roles of all the character if this movie were to be made in Bollywood. It was also fun to read about Karol bagh and Delhi and the typical huge family that Zoya has. The ads and the campaigns they come up with for Zoya are hilarious and so reflective of some messed up marketing campaigns we see in the ad world today. Overall it was a very fun and entertaining read and I would recommend it as a travel book:)