Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost Single - Advaita Kala

So I have my sister to thank for sending this book with my parents who are visiting....Having just finished an M&B (yeah I still read them and I am ashamed of it but they are fun sometimes:) ), it didnt take much to shift to this chick-lit......This book is an Indian woman meets Bridget Jones meet Sex And The City. Its got elements of clumsiness/cuteness from Bridget Jones and a Charlotte like friend and lots of other similarities. The point where Karan suddenly becomes interested in the protagonist left me a little baffled. There was not much build up leading to that. There were funny moments too and thats what made the book readable in spite of it being a rehas of already written/seen stuff.

Now it has been really long since I read a mind blowing book that kept me awake. Any suggestions?